Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time for Punching

Today we wrapped up the patterns of organization and reviewed for the Batman Year One test. I originally scheduled the test for tomorrow, but the juniors are going to be taking the PSAT, so I postponed it to Thursday.

Since this is the end of our time with Batman Year One, I returned the library's 8 copies, only a few days overdue. The other copies I own. Two of those copies were generously donated by Mr. Joshua LH Burnett, a man who cares about educating our nation's youth, and who knows a thing or two about comics.

If you enjoy comics that are funny, you should read Josh's web comic Adventure Jeff. It's about "a big-hearted mountain man who travels the world with his pet bear Max in the constant search for ADVENTURE!" And punching--sweet, sweet punching.

Adventure Jeff is not normally a robot, so the picture below is misleading, but I like it, so there it is.

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