Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sometimes You Just Don't Know

We finished watching Batman Year One today. Here is my criticism of the movie: The scene where Gordon begins his affair with Essen is immediately followed by the scene where Gordon breaks off the affair. It happens so fast you say, "What, really? It's over already?" They should have put another scene in between. Something with Bruce Wayne.

I liked it overall. And this concludes my discussion of Batman Year One on this blog. For real! For real.

Now I have a logistical issue. I have two days left in the week. I had planned on reviewing for our Understanding Comics quiz on Thursday and then giving the quiz on Friday. But there's a pep rally Friday, which means one of my classes won't have time to take the quiz. I don't want the other class to be a full day ahead, so no quiz on Friday. And I make it a policy not to give quizzes on Monday, since they tend to forget things over the weekend. So Monday will be review day and Tuesday will be quiz day. You follow me so far?

That leaves me with two days to fill with valuable academic content. Well, one day, and then a pep rally on Friday, but there will be one class that's not during the pep rally, so I need something for them to do that the other class can miss. Also I have to plan the pep rally, but that's a concern outside the scope of this blog.

The next book we're going to read is Persepolis. I picked up the books from the library today, so I'm ready to go . . . except that our first Persepolis activity is going to be going to the computer lab and doing some research on Iran in the 1980s. And the computer lab is already booked for tomorrow and Friday.

So, as I write this, I'm not sure what we're going to do tomorrow. Rest assured, however, that I will figure it out before class begins.

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