Friday, September 23, 2011

"I tried to avoid all this but I can't."

One side-effect of teaching Batman Year One every day this week is that I've pretty much constantly had this song stuck in my head:

Back in 1989 we said things like, "The campy old Adam West Batman is lame! This new Tim Burton Batman movie is dark and serious!" And we watched this Prince video, and apparently did not notice how completely ridiculous it is. But maybe all the music videos in 1989 were like that; I haven't really watched any of them recently.

More importantly, in 1989 Batman was popular enough that Batman Year One was offered through my mother's book club, and she ordered me a copy. That copy is now in a pile in my classroom, contributing to the education of America's youth.

No new assignments today; I gave the students time to finish up their Batman comparison, and any of the Year One handouts they may not have finished.

Next week: Chapter 3! The one where Batman has to fight the SWAT team and escape from the condemned building. Remember? They stole that scene in a couple of the movies.

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