Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Amidst the Jivas

It's midterm week! Time to make sure all the grades are in the computer. Some of my students will be happy with their midterm report cards, and some will be significantly less happy. But the grades are fair, so don't feel too sorry for those unhappy folks. And it's just midterms; it's not like it's a real quarter grade.

Yesterday the students read "Frank and the Truth About Plenitude" and wrote about it.

The floaty things are called jivas.

Loving Wife was right; most high school students are not crazy about Jim Woodring's surreal wordless stories. As I always say, though, you don't have to like it to write about it.

I'm hoping they like Batman: Year One more.


  1. Just this one image has me hooked. I bet if it was written by Soundgarden, they'd like it.

    Is that what the kids are into these days? Soundgarden? Am I old? ha-ha-ha!

  2. As imaginative as I was, and as intelligent as I'd like to think I was back then, I think Woodring's stuff would have soared right over my head as a high school student. I admire your ambition in trying to plant the seed though.

  3. "Ambition" is a nice way to think about it. I think I miscalulated how many students might get anything out of it. There's always going to be a range of reactions--no matter what you read there's always someone who likes it and someone who hates it--but I expected a slightly more positive response than I got. And in retrospect, as you say, it does seem unlikely that most high school students would really get into Jim Woodring. Ah well!