Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Have Regrets

Yesterday I was out of town for a family commitment and so, unfortunately, I missed the Cincinnati Comic Expo. It would have been nice to see the fine folks of Arcadian Comics and Games as well as celebrated comic book power couple Chris and Xan Sprouse. Chris Sprouse is a talented artist with a clean-lined art style and a heckuva nice guy.

Here's a picture of him with his shirt off:

Sorry, actually that's Batman with his shirt off, drawn by Chris Sprouse. I am pretty sure Chris also has a utility belt, however.

In other bad news, I feel constantly tired no matter how much sleep I get, which implies that I am coming down with something, which is extra frustrating because I was sick two weeks ago and was gradually getting better. I don't really remember what it is to feel energetic, though my daughter certainly does.

I should probably focus on the positive. It was good to see my family yesterday. By not going to the comics expo this weekend, I saved money. And in a few hours I will be going to bed.

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