Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Thing That Shouldn't Exist!!!

We had parent-teacher conferences today, so I was at work all day. Now that I am home I don't have much energy for blogging. Let's see . . . we read more Persepolis today. The students enjoy when I cast them in parts and they read the story out loud. The classes are small enough, and there are enough minor characters (Teacher, Student, Bearded Guy on TV, Woman in Store, Second Woman in Store) that almost everyone can have a part.  Today we read "The F-14s," about the war with Iraq, and "The Jewels," about the domestic effects of the war.

And I forgot to mention--I graded those Persepolis quizzes from Tuesday, and almost everyone did well. It went much, much better than that last Understanding Comics quiz. Did I ever say how that quiz turned out? No? Well, it wasn't pretty. Let us just say that the students were not heavily invested in the last three chapters of Understanding Comics, and that Persepolis is going much better by comparison.

Please enjoy this picture of ZZUTAK, THE THING THAT SHOULDN'T EXIST!!!, by Mr. Steve Ditko.

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