Monday, November 28, 2011

Lo, There Shall Be an Ending!

Today is Monday. We have the rest of this week for regular Creative Reading class, and next week we'll have a few days of class and then take the semester exam. The week after that, there will be more exams, and probably no Creative Reading class. The week after that, the semester ends, winter break begins, and Creative Reading class is over. So I have approximately eight days of instruction left in this class.

Which is . . . wow, time flies, right? It seems like we just started. There's so much we didn't cover, but at least we hit the high points of the syllabus. Tomorrow we'll finish reading Persepolis, then watch the movie, and then there will be a test. And that will give me a few days to squeeze in that final project, though it will probably end up being less ambitious than I originally planned.

I'm glad I'm on track to wrap up what we're doing, but I wish we could have done more. And I wish I had . . . no, never mind. As I said once before on this blog, regret is for chumps.

Keep watching this space for updates on these, the Final Days! Watch as I try to get everything done on time! Thrill to the conclusion of the class! And let me know if you have any ideas what I should use this blog for, once the class has ended.

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