Monday, August 1, 2011


Bad news: I was under the impression that the school had ordered 20-ish copies of Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud to use as my main textbook. It turns out that the order was never placed, and now it is very unclear whether I'll be getting those books (I don't know if you've heard, but public schools are not currently rolling in the money.) I still plan on using Understanding Comics, even if I can't get the 20-ish copies, but it's an annoying setback.

I currently have one copy:

Good news: I emailed eight major comics publishers (Pop Quiz! Can YOU name eight American comic book publishers?) asking if they ever donated comics for educational purposes. So far I've gotten two replies, one of which said no, but said it very politely, and the other of which said maybe. I'm optimistic about that second one, and there are still six more publishers to hear from.


  1. are used copies okay? Maybe if we set up a wishlist on the fb or google+? I know we all have a lot of comics friends, as well as freelancers looking for a tax deduction.

    basically, what I'm saying is that I can either get my hands on 1 new copy, or a couple of used ones.

    Also, I'd like to suggest "Moonshadow" by John J. Muth

  2. 8 major comics publishers, GO!
    Dark Horse
    Top Shelf

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  4. (I don't know what happened up there so I am trying this again.)

    Alice, that's only seven. Drawn & Quarterly! Spla-DOW!

  5. Jeff, that's exactly the kind of can-do spirit I'm looking for. Good suggestions! And yes, used copies would be fine with me.

    I've never read Moonshadow, but it's certainly pretty.

  6. Well done, Matt and Alice.