Thursday, October 10, 2013

What a Week It Has Been

It seems like only yesterday I was proud that I had completed two full (work) weeks of daily blogging. But it was not yesterday; it was nearly a week ago.

Monday I was not at work. Don't worry, there was no emergency, I requested the day off weeks ago. On Monday the student finished up their assignment from Understanding Comics chapter 5 and started chapter 6.

Tuesday I came back, and we reviewed what they did while I was gone, and I gave them the second handout for chapter 6.

Wednesday we finished up chapter 6 and talked about Scott McCloud's seven different types of word/picture combinations.

Thursday, AKA today, we reviewed those seven types of combinations, and then the students broke into seven groups, and each group illustrated an example of one of the types.

Those types of word/picture combinations are:

Word-Specific - The words convey the meaning; the picture is decorative and adds little.

Picture-Specific - The picture conveys the meaning, the words add little.

Duo-Specific - Words and pictures both convey the same meaning.

Additive - Either words or pictures convey the meaning, and the other adds to the meaning.

Parallel - Words and pictures have separate meanings.

Montage - The words are part of the picture.

Interdependent - Words and pictures work together to create a meaning that would not exist without both.

We'll talk about that more tomorrow. Also, we'll talk about describing art styles, which is always a challenge.

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