Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday is Epilogue Day

Since Creative Reading class ended, I have been unsure whether I would continue this blog. What good is a blog about your comics class when you're not teaching a comics class? I wrote a few posts about Film Studies but I didn't feel committed to it.

Yesterday, when I finally got around to writing my personal reflection on how Creative Reading class went, I realized that it felt like my last blog post. I thought it over and decided that, yes, this is a good time to go on indefinite hiatus. Consider yesterday's post the sense-shattering conclusion to Comics Class GO!, and this post the epilogue. 

I've been posting a comics page every Sunday, so here's one last entry (at least for now):

That's chapter 1, page 13 of my comic Laser Brigade. You can read it here. Once I resolve some technical issues, I will be updating it regularly. There's robots! Aliens! Spaceships! Fighting! You know, cerebral stuff.

Thanks for reading! If I get to teach this class again, I will resume the blog. If not, we'll always have our memories, and these 118 blog entries.

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