Monday, January 9, 2012

Introducing America's Youth to the Wonders of the Internet Movie Database

Here's today's assignment:

Choose a movie you are interested in. Write the name of the movie here: ______________________
Now use the internet to find out more about your movie.

1. What year did the movie come out?

2. What genre is the movie?

3. Who directed the movie? What else has he or she directed?

4. Find out who filled each of the following roles in the creation of your movie:

Executive Producer



Production Designer


Key Grip

5. List the five main actors in your movie, and the names of their characters.


6. How much did it cost to make the movie? How much money did the movie make?

7. Was the movie based on a book? If so, who wrote the book?

8. Was the movie a remake, sequel, or prequel? If so, what was it based on?

9. Go to What is the average rating critics gave your movie (as a percentage)? What is the average rating audiences gave it (as a percentage)?

10. Find a review, written by a professional reviewer, about your movie. On the back of this paper write down the name of the reviewer, the website where you found the review, and a couple of sentences from the review. Do you agree with the reviewer? Why or why not?

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