Thursday, December 8, 2011

Presentation ESCHATON!

Ka-Zam! After four days of research and preparation, the students presented their findings on important comics creators.

For the presentation, students were to:
  • Give biographical information on the creator
  • Describe the creator's most important works and art/writing style
  • Describe the reaction to the creator's work, then and now
  • Explain why the creator is important/influential
  • Show examples of the creator's work/use visual aides

They tended to focus too much on the biographical information, but that's expected. They are young, and they place way more emphasis than I do on where someone went to high school. Do I know where Steve Ditko went to high school? I do not, nor do I care. What's important about Steve Ditko is all the great comics he drew.

Anyway, presentations went pretty well. In addition to Steve Ditko we heard about Steve Gerber, Stan Lee, Art Spiegleman, Osamu Tezuka, Alan Moore, Herge, Chris Ware, Dwayne Macduffie, Bob Kane, Marjane Satrapi, Gil Kane, Carl Barks, and Dave Sim. What a fine mix.

Tomorrow: More presentations!

Also tomorrow: Blog post #100! It will be epic!

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